Hunting in South Africa

South-Africa is one the world’s premier hunting destinations and gives the discerning sportsman the opportunity to hunt plains game or dangerous game in particular Africa’s Big Five as well as offering some of the best wing shooting available anywhere. Most of the hunting in South Africa is done on private land, where landowners have dedicated themselves to conservation through sustainable hunting. South Africa is at the forefront of conservation of game in Africa and the hunting industry is playing a huge role in this success story. South Africa’s first class infrastructure combined with its extremely diverse hunting opportunities in terms of the numbers of game and species available will make your hunting safari to this country an unforgettable experience.

Hunting camps and lodges in South Africa are of outstanding quality and can vary between high end tented camps up to very luxurious lodges. All Hunting Camps used are well staffed and have comfortable lodgings with all the modern amenities.

Hunting Areas in South Africa

South Africa various different hunting areas spread all over the country that offer different landscape, weather and hunt able species. The techniques required to successfully hunt trophies might vary from area to area.

Popular hunting areas are:

The Limpopo Bushveld & the Lowveld - The Limpopo Bushveld is situated in South Africa’s Northern Province bordering Zimbabwe and Botswana. The Lowveld is in the north eastern part of South Africa and is the province where the Kruger National Park is situated. The landscape of this area changes drastically as one moves further east towards the Drakensberg. Because these areas are situated in the same area as the Kruger Park it serves as habitat for a great diversity of game animals including plains game species, small and large predators as well as Africa’s Big Five. These areas carry a risk of Malaria and this can be a concern during the warmer months. In these areas you will find an abundance of game animals and a particular advantage of this area is that dangerous game like Elephant, Lion and Buffalo can be hunted here. Hunting in the Kruger is not allowed but there are many concessions surrounding the Kruger, which offer excellent hunting.

In the Bush-Veld most of the hunting is done in areas with thick vegetation, on a walk and stalk basis. Shots are mostly taken at shorter distances varying between 80 and a 150meters. For antelope hunting in these Busveld areas we suggest you leave the fast magnums like the 7mm Remington Magnum at home and bring a rifle in a slower calibre that you can shoot well. The 308 Winchester, 30 06 Springfield, 9.3x62 Mauser and the venerable 375 Holland & Holland are all very effective for taking plains game from Duiker up to and including Eland. For dangerous game like Lion, Buffalo and Elephant, the legal minimum is a calibre in 375 like the 375 Holland & Holland the 375 Ruger and the 375 Remington Ultra Magnums. If you have something bigger like a 404 Jeffrey, 416 Weatherby or a 458 Lott that you shoot can well and can handle the recoil without flinching, it will be a more ideal choice for African dangerous game hunting.

The Eastern Cape & Karoo - The Eastern Cape & Karoo is a diverse area. In the east  it is bordered by the Indian Ocean receiving higher rainfall. The Karoo, a semi-arid desert lies to the west and has a drier more open landscape. All of the popular plains game species are found in the Eastern Cape with some exceptional trophies coming from this area. The Vaal Rhebok is a species only found here. Habitat in the Eastern Cape can vary from wooded coastal forest to open plains and steep mountain ranges and all of the popular legal hunting methods are employed in this region. A 270 Winchester will be able to take most species in this area with a larger calibre like 338 Winchester Magnum or 375 Holland & Holland being preferable for hunting larger species like Eland.

The Free State - The Free State is situated in the center of South Africa. The Eastern part of the province is characterized by rolling grassland interspersed with sandstone hills. The best time to hunt this area is between months of March to May and August to October. Hunting here requires longer shots in open field conditions. High velocity calibers that can shoot a flat trajectory like the 264 Winchester Magnum, 270 Winchester the various 300 Magnums like the 300 Winchester Magnum or 300 Weatherby Magnum as well as the 7mm Remington Magnum, are all good choices for hunting the larger antelope species in this area. The 243 Winchester is a popular choice among the locals for the smaller antelope like Springbuck and Mountain Reedbuck.

South-Africa is blessed with many outstanding hunting outfitters who run hunting operations all over the many diverse regions of the country. Whether you are a rifle hunter, bow hunter or into one of the other hunting disciplines like handguns or black powder we will be able to accommodate you. For an unforgettable hunting experience with memories to last you a lifetime come to South-Africa.

Genesis also offers photographic Safaris, Family Safaris, and can offer you ‘game fishing safaris’ too. 

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