Hunting in Namibia

Namibia is a hunter’s paradise it plays host to a large variety of game species and it is a country with a strong hunting tradition. In Namibia you will find a large numbers of antelope such as the greater kudu, Oryx (Gemsbuck) and springbuck with good trophy quality. The far northern and north-eastern parts also offer rewarding big game hunting. Namibia is famous for excellent elephant trophies and Leopard can be hunted in some parts of the north-east. The Caprivi also offers some fine buffalo hunting.

The Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA) maintains a high standard of hunting ethics and closely monitors the industry to ensure the foreign hunting get the best possible hunting experience when visiting Namibia. All the hunting resorts are also under the strict supervision of the Directorate of Resource Management of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET). The trophy hunting season in Namibia runs from the 1st of February to the 30th of November of each year.

Take into account that Namibia is a vast open country with sparse vegetation in most areas, so most of the shooting you will do will be at longer ranges. For hunting Springbuck and medium sized plains game any rifle in  270 Winchester and above will be sufficient. For the larger plains game species it is suggested that you bring a flat shooting caliber in the 300 - 338 Magnum class. For the 300 Magnum calibers the 180 grain up to 220 grain projectiles will do an excellent job on all larger plains game species. Keep in mind distances for shots can be far so the heavier 220 grain bullets in the 300's will not have as flat a trajectory as a 180 grain projectiles. The 338 Winchester Magnum is an Ideal choice for larger bodied plains game like Eland and will also be deadly on the big cats. For dangerous game like Buffalo and Elephant the 375 Holland & Holland is the minimum legal requirement although something bigger will definitely be more suitable provided you can shoot it accurately and can handle the recoil.

The good quality of trophies as well as well as Namibia’s magnificent and unique scenery make this country a must visit destination for any hunter looking for the hunt of a lifetime.

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